{Cera alba}

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General: Beeswax comprises the actual honeycomb structure. One pound of beeswax, carefully built into a hive, can hold up to 25 pounds of honey. Beeswax is the oldest kind of plastic, along with tortoiseshell, and horn. Neolithic jawbones have been found with beeswax dental fillings.

Skin Benefits: Beeswax creates a moisture barrier on the skin, preventing evaporation, locking in moisture and allowing other botanicals to sufficiently soak in. It contains all the same enzymes, vitamins and minerals as honey and nourishes dry, damaged skin. Beeswax also thickens and smooths products for easy application and storage. Dancing Bee Acres beeswax provides this moisture barrier and nourishing properties to many products including Skin Doctor, Massage Butter, Diaper Ointment, Blossom Balm and our Lip Balms

Source: Northeastern Oregon | U.S.A. 

Method of Extraction: When beekeepers extract honey they cut the wax caps off, compile them, then boil out impurities like pollen and flower debris. 

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