breton sea salt

General: Hand-harvested on the island of Noirmoutier near Brittany, France. For 1,500 years, this has been completely natural cottage industry. The salt is sun dried and undergoes no treatment after harvesting, keeping essential nutrients vital to the human body. It is recognized as organic certified by France’s Nature & Progrés, a rigorous salt certification process which equates to purity and quality. For example, the salt ponds are located a minimum of 500 meters away from main roads and are free from pesticides, chemical residue, industrial fumes or air pollution.

Hair Benefits: Full of naturally occuring minerals and micronutrients, it softens, conditions and strengthens the hair shaft. Our Hairgasm Texturising Mist and Muscle Relief Bath Tea both make good use of Breton Salt.

Source: Noirmoutier, France | Wildharvested | Pollutant-free

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