coconut drying

{Cocos nucifera}     

General: Ubiqitous in the tropical world, the origin of coconuts is unknown as the huge seeds can travel thousands of miles after dropping into the sea. 

Skin Benefits: Deeply moisturizing, high in skin-building long-chain fatty acids. Calming, cooling and soothing to the skin. Helps prevent the formation of destructive free radicals; strengthens connective tissues and cell walls; aids in removing dead skin cells, creating smoother, more supple skin. Check out the benefits of this tropical oil in our Coconut Bliss Exfolitating Cream Mask and Cardamom Vanilla Silky Skin Oil.

Source: Phillippines | Certified Organic | Fair-trade farmer cooperative

Method of Extraction: Mature brown coconuts are first halved and sun- or kiln-dried, then pressed to release oil. 70% is pure oil, the remaning 30 % is a high-protein, high-fiber mash fed to livestock.

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