General: A white, odorless, crystaline powder, gluconolactone or glucono-delta-lactone occurs in many animals and works to break down carbohyrdates in digestable simple sugars.

Skin Benefits: The molecules that form gluconolactone are inherently attracted to water. Applied to the skin, it draws moisture out of the air and allows the skin to absorb water, softening and soothing. It also prevents moisture already inside the dermis from evaporating. It is also a deodorizing stabilizing agent, helping prevent water- and oil-based ingredients from separating. Our Hand & Body Lotions, Goji Mate Moisturizer, Sunshade Lotion, and Under Eye Cream all use this useful, naturally occuring chemical.

Method of Extraction: Dervied from gluconic acid that occurs naturally in fruits.

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Photo by Benjah-bmm27 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons