{Hibiscus sabdariffa}    

General: A species of Hibiscus native to West Africa, the flower was used traditionally to make a red tea that is now popular in Mexicao and the Caribbean thanks to the influence of West African slaves. This plant is cultivated primarily for the fibrous stems which can be used to make burlap.

Skin Benefits: The flowers of the Hibiscus have anti-oxidant properties and inhibit elastin degradation, helping to maintain the skin’s elasticity and thereby offering anti-aging effects—our Goji Mate Ultralight Moisturizer is one example. We also use its powerful red pigment to lend a soft pink color to some of our formulations—see our Youth in Bloom Phyto-active Firming Serum for an example.

Source: Egypt | Certified Organic | Certified Fair-trade

Method of Extraction: Steam-distilled from fresh petals.

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