Mel millis   

General: Bees harvest flower nectar, create, and store honey for their hive during the winter, non-flowering months. Harvesting honeycomb used to involve sacrificing a colony of bees—all their food was taken. Removeable frames allow beekeepers to leave enough honeycomb for the bees to get through winter.

Skin Benefits: Our honey is raw, retaining the beneficial enzymes and vitamins. It is deeply hydrating, rich in minerals, soothes dry and irritated skin and kills unwanted bacteria. Our Pitta Gentle Cleansing Facial Milk, Chamomile Dream Ultrarich Body Cream, and Honey Avocado Hydrating Mask all benefit from the bees, beekeepers, and flowers of NE Oregon. 

Source: Our honey is made by happy bees feeding on the nectar of wildflowers in the pristine mountains of northeastern Oregon.

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