{Laminaria digitata}

General: Also known as Oarweed, this brown algae has can grow more than five per cent daily, up to four meters long. It is found in coastal North Atlantic waters and was traditionally used as plant fertilizer.

Skin Benefits: Extremely high in iodine is both diuretic and moisturizing. Kelp is excellent for reducing cellulite (dimples), as it draws out toxins in the skin while adding minerals and vitamins at the same time. Kelp contains proteins, lipids, glucides, minerals and is known to regulate sebum (skin oil), reduce blood pressure, and enhance blood cirulation.  

Source: Iceland | Certified Organic | Wildharvested from Altantic beaches

Method of Extraction: For our Hairgasm Sea Salt Texturizing Mist, we soak kelp powder in water to make an aqueous infusion. For Undaria Seaweed & Mint Exfoliating Cleanser we put the ground kelp powder directly into the product.

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