{Althaea officinalis}

General: Marshmallow's botanical name, althaea, comes from the Greek "ἄλθειν," to cure. Our modern marshmallows are inspired by an ancient Egyptian confection made from the soothing root.

Skin Benefits: Marshmallow root abounds with mucilage, a gluey substance used by nearly all plants to hold water and food. A high concentration of mucilage makes the root incredibly emollient, mosturizing the skin. Combining this soothing, calming effect with naturally occuring antioxidant flavanoids, marshmallow root brings gentleness to our Youth in Bloom Hydrating Cleanser, Facial Cleansing Milk and Ultrarich Body Cream, to name a few.

Source: Albania | Certified Organic | Certified Fair-trade

Method of Extraction: Dried, shredded roots.












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