{Mentha arvensis}

General: Menthol is an incredibly potent, carefully crafted crystaline extract of mint leaves. Though this species of mint is native to temperate regions of Europe, Asia and North America, most mentha arvensis used for menthol production is grown in the Uttar Pradesh region of North India. Wild mint has a long history of use as a digestive aid, cough-suppressant, and remedy for aches and pains.

Skin Benefits: Small amounts of menthol crystals act as a carrier for other medicinals, bringing them below the dermis (skin) and into deeper tissues. Menthol also acts as a powerful topical pain reliever. It interrupts the body's pain signals, allowing the body to relax and heal faster. It is essential to the sucess of our Original Sore Muscle Rub, Muscle Relief Bath Tea, and Deep Freeze Sore Muscle Rub.

Source: India

Method of Extraction: Cold extracted from mint leaves

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