{Olea europaea}

General: Native to ancient Persia, olives are such an important source of oil that the very word "oil" ultimately comes from the ancient Greek name for this small, scraggly tree. Used for skincare, food, ritual, and lighting, olives are considered sacred in Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian and Islamic traditions. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, reportedly taught "take oil of olive and massage with it – it is a blessed tree" (Sunan al-Darimi, 69:103).

Skin Benefits: Olive oil is an excellent skin moisturizer, in part because it contains linoleic acid, a compound not made by the body, but which prevents water from evaporating. It is also high in long-chain fatty acids, making it nutritious for your skin. Skin Doctor, Cardamom Vanilla Silky Skin Oil, Cleansing Oil & Make-up Remover, and Pedi-cure all use the cooling, nourishing affects of olive oil.

Source: Spain | Certified Organic 

Method of Extraction: Cold-pressed; unrefined










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