{Plantago major}

General: Not to be confused with the startchy banana-like fruit, plantago major, native to Europe and western central Asia, is one of the most readily available medicial herbs. The crushed leaves are applied to wounds, sores, and stings to encourage healing and prevent infection. Native Americans called plantain "white man's foot print" because of its remarkable ability to grow in highly disturbed soil and endure trampling.

Skin Benefits: High in vitamins A, C and E, calcium, areaucubin (anti-microbial), allantoin (stimulates cell growth), & mucilage (quells pain), plantain leaf tea soothes irritated, inflamed and damaged tissues and rejuvenates the skin structure. We use plantain tea in many products, including Radiance Serum, Youth in Bloom Hydrating CleanserChamomile Dream Ultrarich Body Cream, and Maximum Strength Diaper Ointment.

Source: Oregon, U.S.A. | Certified Organic | Fair-trade

Method of Extraction: We use dried, crushed leaves to make a water-based tea.

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