poria cocos

{Wolfiporia extensa}

General: Also called fu ling (茯苓) or matsuhodo this wood-decay fungus grows a coconut-like sclerotium, a type of food reserve, underground. Harvested and ground into a white powder, Chinese docotrs have used poria cocos as a purifying, antioxidant, and softening agent, among other uses.

Skin Benefits: Rich in polysacchrides (pachyman), triterpenes and antioxidants, it increases cellular reception of Hyaluronic Acid and boosts the expression of collagen to strengthen tissues. It helps increase skin thickness, microcirculation, radiance and firmness. Used exclusively in our Youth in Bloom productsFirming Day & Night CreamUnder Eye Gel, and Firming Serum.

Source: China

Method of Extraction: Powdered sclerotium (mycelium) is dissolved into water and glycerin. 

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