rose oil

{Rosa damascena}     

General: The crusader Robert de Brie is credited with bringing this spiky shrub from Syria into Europe, hence its name, the Damask Rose. The petals have been used for thousands of years for their inspiring, sensuous aroma. Steam-distilling rose oil and rose water is an ancient tradition of the central Asian mountains, still practiced by the Bulgarian rose farmers we source from.

Skin Benefits: 

Cooling and Soothing: to irritated, delicate and red skin. Soothes sunburns and rejuvenates stressed skin. Useful in our Sunshade LotionNourishing Night Cream and Oregon Blossoms Hyrdating Mask.

Acne Control: Research shows that rose helps control and balance sebum production while natural anti-bacterial properties prevent acne and pimples. See our Rose & Cardamom Gentle Foaming Cleanser.

Other Benefits: Rose has powerful aromatherapeutic benefits. It has always been associated with love, bringing feelings of romance and is quietly uplifting and supportive. Our Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is the soothing, fragrant base we add to everything else.

Source: A traditional, certified organic farm in Bulgaria, where they have been growing roses for centuries.

Method of Extraction: Our friends in Bulgaria make our distillate water (rose water) and essential oil by steaming the fresh petals. It takes over 10,000 pounds of fresh rose petals to make 1 pound of rose oil! 










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