{Rosa rubignosa}

General: Rose hips are the fruit of the rose shrub. They form after successful pollination in early spring, ripening through late summer. Rosehip seeds lay inside this little fruit. Native to Europe and western Asia, most rosehip (and rosehip seeds) are today cultivated in the Andes mountains.

Skin Benefits: Extremely high in essential fatty acids and provitamin A, rosehip seed oil works wonders on scars and is the predominant treatment for wrinkles and aging in the Western world. See our Immortelle Calming Eye Serum, Nourishing Herbal Day or Night Cream, Sunshade Lotion, or Mama Belly Butter for examples of applications of rosehip seed oil.

Note: We also use powdered rosehip seeds as a gentle exfoliant in our new Oregon Blossoms Hydrating Mask.

Source: Chile | Certified Organic

Method of Extraction: Cold-pressed from seeds

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