{Sesamum indicum}

General: The oldest cultivated oil crop, sesame was domesticated in India at least 3500 years ago and occurs naturally in sub-Saharan Africa. High in protein content, we use hydrolyzed sesame protein for its remarkable ability to fill in and tighten loose, aging skin.

Skin Benefits: A new generation tightening agent; instantly and visibly smoothes the skin, and provides a long lasting hydrating effect. It is backed by in vivo studies substantiating the tightening action, wrinkle releasing effect, instant sensorial experience and moisturization level. Sesame protein is essential to our Youth in Bloom line of products, including Extra Firming Eye GelPhyto-Active Day and Night Cream, and Phyto-Active Firming Serum.

Source: India | 100% free of synthetic additives during the hydrolization process.

Method of Extraction: Hydrolized with natural acid to breakdown water and sesame protein molecules.









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