shea butter

{Butyrospermum parkii}

General: The English "shea" comes from s’í, the tree's name in the Bambara language of Mali. Shea has a permanent place in African history, with references from Cleopatra's Egypt, which mentions caravans bearing clay jars of shea butter for cosmetic use. Shea butter is the main ingredient in local soap production and is applied directly to skin and hair to prevent dryness in the harsh West African heat. 

Skin Benefits: Deeply moisturizing and calming for sensitive, irritated skin, traditionally extracted shea butter is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. Unlike petroleum-based moisturizers, shea butter restores the skin's natural elasticity. It also allows skin to absorb moisture from the air so that it stays moistuized longer. Our high-quality shea butter enriches Cardamom Vanilla Sugar Scrub, Naked Deep Tissue Massage Butter, Chamomile Dream Ultrarich Body Cream, Mama Belly Butter, and Samadhi Chai Bar Soap, to name a few. 

Source: Togo, West Africa | Women-run cooperative | Certified Organic | Wildharvested 

Method of Extraction: Crafted using time-intensive traditional methods (up to 30 hours per kilo) and low temperatures, retaining the naturally occuring nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are removed during conventional European chemical processing.

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