sodium borate

{Sodium borate}

General: The result of the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes, sodium borate, also called borax, is a mineral with applications in detergents, insecticides, enamel glazes and cosmetics. Despite some controversy, we have no reservations about the safety and usefulness of this mineral in our products. Orally ingested in large amounts, it can become toxic.

Benefits: Borax enables water to stay mixed together with beeswax and oils, and contributes to the inherent natural preservation of a formula without needing chemical preservatives, many of which have been linked to cancer. Borax mixed with water also creates a minor reaction and releases very small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, making it a mild antiseptic and helps to inhibit microbial growth. See example of its function in Volcano Pumice Foot Scrub, Pacific Grapefruit, Exfoliating Shower Cream, Chamomile Gentle Hand & Body Lotion, and Oregon Lavender & Sage Sunshade Lotion, .

Source: Dried lakebeds in the Southwestern U.S.A.

Method of Extraction: The mineral is harvested mechanically and then powdered.

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