{Glycine max}

General: A species of legume native to East Asia, soybeans have been cultivated for some 8000 years for their high protein content. Today, high use of pesticides and fertilizers, combined with cultivation in areas such as the Amazon rain forest have left this amazing plant with a poor reputation. Soybeans, like most legumes, have a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria that live on roots and fix the soil with nitrogen. We use only certified organic soybean oil from the U.S.A.

Skin Benefits: A rich source of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid, organic soybean oil helps the skin absorb other nutrients, a useful addition to products like Oregon Lavender & Sage Body Butter and Hand & Body Lotion. High in protein, vitamin E and lecithin, it moisturizes, has antioxidant properties and can help reverse sun-damaged skin by stimulating collagen and elastin produciton. We use it in our Sunshade Lotion.

Source: U.S.A. | Certified Organic

Method of Extraction: Cold-pressed from fresh pesticide- and fertilizer-free soy legumes.

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