sugar cane

{Saccharum officinalis}

General: A perennial grass native to South Asia, Indian people chewed on raw sugar cane for milennia before a process was discovered to turn the "honey-bearing reed" juice into transportable crystals. Sugar cultivation has since driven colonization, malaria infestation, slavery and today drives record-high diabetes rates. 

Skin Benefits: Our sugar is the perfect size and shape for exfoliating dead skin. It is a biodegradable alternative to plastic microbead exfoliants. The natural antimicrobial properties that allow it to be transported great distances make it an excellent cleanser. We carry three shea butter sugar scrubs, Lavender & Sage, Cardamom Vanilla, and Pacific Grapefruit.

Source: South America (various) | Certified Organic | With dangerously sharp leaves, conventional sugar plantations are burned before harvest, producing a carcinogenic sludge harvesters must walk through. Organic sugar harvesters are highly trainined and wear thick protective gear to avoid being cut.

Method of Extraction: Made from evaporated organic cane juice.

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