{Vanilla planifolia}

General: Vanilla beans are actually the fruit of a delicate orchid native to the East Coast of Mexico. According to mythology, this aromatic flower first grew from the blood of a princess who was killed when found with a forbidden lover. Today Indonesia and Madagascar produce most of the world's vanilla, forced to pollinate by hand as only the Melipona bee seems to have a taste for vanilla pollen. Read our interview with Patricia Rain, the inspiring woman behind our double-distilled organic fair-trade vanilla.

Benefits: The flowery, fruity aroma of Tahitian vanilla beans brings a naturally comforting, aphrodisiac quality to our products. It co-inspired our Cardamom Vanilla aroma line and enlivens Nourishing Herbal Day & Night Cream, Hairgasm, and many other products.

Source: Tahiti (French Polynesia) | Certified Organic | Certified Fair-trade | Small family farm

Method of Extraction: Sun dried to enhance the scent, then carefully removed using a double-extraction method









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