zinc oxide

General: Zinc oxide has been found in Indian zinc mines dating back to 1000 B.C. Pushpanjan, likely zinc oxide, was used in ancient India as a salve for eyes and open wounds.

Skin Benefits: Zinc oxide is a mineral sunscreen that protects skin from both kinds of ultraviolet raysUVA which triggers the free radical oxidization that accelerates aging, and UVB, which causes the redness and soreness associated with sunscreen. Our zinc oxide is powdered to remain larger than the nano particles now infamous for absorbing into the skin. Does not pose the hormone-disruptive risks posed by chemical sunscreen agents like oxybenzone. See our Sunshade Lotion, Diaper Ointment, Lip Balm, or Herbal Day Cream.

Source: Today most zinc oxide is synthetically produced. Ours is from natural zincite deposits in the Andes of Peru.

Method of Extraction: Zinc ore is superheated to produce zinc vapor which oxidizes with oxygen in the air to form a white powderable substance.

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