Oregon Lavender & Sage [clarity +calm] Essential Oil Roll On

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[ clarity + calm ]

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Calming lavender pairs beautifully with mind-clearing desert sage in our certified-organic, locally grown and distilled aromatic blend of botanical essential oils and plant extracts.

INDICATIONS: For aromatic and topical use.

DIRECTIONS: Roll on inside of wrists, neck, bottoms of feet, or temples as needed for focus, clarity, and equanimity.

BENEFITS: At once soothing and clarifying, these two contrasting essential oils offset one another. A customer favorite for the gentle, stimulating aroma and focusing effect.


Clary Sage is an excellent relaxant having somewhat aphrodisiac, euphoric, and antidepressant characteristics. Rich in plant estrogen, it is especially helpful in treating women-specific conditions. From asthma and insomnia to indigestion and hypertension, the remarkable therapeutic qualities of Clary Sage make it an all-in-one tonic for the whole body.

Oregon Lavender calms irritated skin and kills bacteria. The aroma is calming and helps clear the mind. Our lavender is grown, harvested just a few miles from our lab in beautiful Central Oregon at Tumalo Lavender Farm. This small family farm distills the essential oil right after harvest to yield some of the world's finest essential oil.

Jojoba is the closest plant oil to our skin’s own sebum. It’s hypoallergenic, deeply moisturizing and won’t clog pores. Ours is organically family farmed in southern Arizona.

FULL INGREDIENTS LIST: jojoba oil*, Oregon lavender essential oil*, clary sage essential oil.
*Certified Organic

Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon 0.33 fl oz | 10.5ml